about raindrops™

the perfect canvas for this beauty product line is hair and skin that is free of residue and undesirable mineral deposits that can reside in our piping systems at home. these minerals can cause breakouts, dry skin, and create a buildup that changes our hair texture as well as hair color! raindrops™ purifies the water in a 6 step filtration process leaving you with nothing but fresh hair and skin as if you had showered in the rain! it’s that simple!

Raindrops filter is 5″ long (7.5″ with shower head accessory) The male and female thread components will fit any universal standard sized piping (3/4″ National Pipe Thread). Custom showers must have the universal sized piping in order to fit our Raindrops Filter. It is simple to install…all that is needed is to screw Raindrops onto your shower piping on one end and the shower head onto the other end.