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Raindrops Lite - Shower filter *Ships 2/8*
Pre-orders shipping 2/8. We apologies for the inconvenience. ¬† Raindrops‚ĄĘ Lite ÔĽŅshower filter system¬†is your hair, skin, and health's best friend. Custom formulated 6 step filtration process combats hard water and removes up to 99% of the¬†minerals, heavy metals, and chlorine in your shower water. Lite¬†shower head water filter comes...
Replenishment - Replacement cartridge
Replenishment replacement cartridge for¬†Raindrops¬†custom 6 step shower filter. Please replace filter cartridge according to recommended intervals. Failure to replace old cartridge could damage filter housing due to pressure buildup. ÔĽŅRecommended replacement frequency:ÔĽŅ 1 person = filter replenishment every 6 months2 people = filter replenishment every 5 months3 people = filter...

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