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About Raindrops


Raindrops™ Luxe with Rainfall Shower Head shower filter system is your hair, skin, and health's best friend. Custom formulated 6 step filtration process combats hard water and removes up to 99% of the minerals, heavy metals, and chlorine in your shower water.

Water soluble minerals, heavy metals, and chlorine cause damage to your hair and skin in a variety of ways: Untreated shower water can cause dryness, change in texture, change in hair color, and even hair loss!

Raindrops filters will eliminate and control these harmful organic and inorganic materials in your shower

  1. Chlorine - Causes dryness and prevents rehydration.
  2. Bacterial and Algae - Causes diseases, allergies, and smells
  3. Iron - Causes dark/orange/red tint, texture change, and dryness
  4. Copper - Causes buildup, discolors hair, and affect perms
  5. Magnesium - Causes dryness and weightiness
  6. Lead - Causes dryness and interferes with color and perms
  7. Calcium - Causes build up on hair and scalp, blocks follicles and cause hair loss

 The Lite shower filter system comes with one filter housing and one Replenishment cartridge.


Please replace filter cartridge according to recommended intervals. Failure to replace old cartridge could damage filter housing due to pressure buildup.


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