About Raindrops

Co-owners of Nine Zero One salon and Beauty Coach Professionals, Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, created the Raindrops™ filtration system specifically with you in mind! After an extended trip to NYC, Nikki, who had freshly colored blonde hair, returned to LA with dingy, brownish, brittle hair. Known for their healthy, bright blondes, Nikki and Riawna were naturally alarmed as they noticed this pattern among other clients as well…and after some investigating, they discovered that the mineral in their shower water was the cause!

While many people don’t think twice about the quality of their shower water, the reality is that home piping systems can often carry years of residue and undesirable mineral accretion that then shows up in your water. These minerals can cause breakouts, dry skin, and create a buildup that changes your hair texture as well as hair color! Raindrops™ purifies your water in a 6 step filtration process that transforms your ordinary bath time into a natural rain shower experience, leaving your hair and skin looking as radiant and fresh as it feels!

You wouldn't drink unfiltered water so why shower in it?

Raindrops supports Charity: Water

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