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Raindrops System

the fountain of youth…

here’s how the raindrops™ system works

there is a 6 step filtration process inside each cartridge that removes harmful components.

sediment treatment

this process removes big particles, iron, and rust from steel piping. this is probably the main reason why your hair is so brassy!

granular activated carbon treatment

using coconut shells, this process removes chlorine,odor, and increases the ph balance.

kdf (kinetic degradation fluxion) treatment

this process restrains bacteria and removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, magnesium, copper, and iron. it is approved by the nsf (national sanitation foundation). how amazing is that!

magnet treatment

this process makes water particles smaller, giving you softer water. this equals smooth skin and shiny hair.

activated ceramic ball treatment

this process activates water particles causing them to be absorbed into the skin for more moisture.

calcium sulfite treatment

this process removes chlorine. we want this as far away from your hair and skin as possible!