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Wholesale Agreement

Wholesale Agreement

The agreement is between "You" (retail partner) and the company (Raindrops901).

As a retailer, you agree to provide us with your correct and updated information. We might verify your details before giving you the access to our products and services. In the event you receive a username and password from us, it is your responsibility to keep it safe and secure. We suggest you not to share those details with anyone.

Product Listings

You can sell our products on your website, however it must be noted that all the product details need to be accurate and complete. We do not allow anyone to post inaccurate information about our products. In case we find any inaccurate or misleading information about our products on your website, we reserve the rights to cancel our partnership immediately.

As a retail partner, you are allowed to sell our products on your website, however we do not allow our partners to sell these products on any third party website such as Amazon, eBay, Jet etc. While listing the products on your website, you agree to comply with all the rules and regulations regarding selling our products. We believe in offering the most exceptional services, and we consider our partners a great asset to our company, and we expect proper professionalism from our partners.


You are allowed to sell our products to your customers at a special discount. These discounts can be given at your own discretion.

Marketing Materials

You are not allowed to produce your own marketing materials. We will provide you with everything you need to promote our products. However you are allowed to write your own social media posts. If you have some special, creative ideas for the marketing materials, please send us an email, and we might grant you a special permission to prepare the marketing material. It is your responsibility to showcase your marketing material to our company before you start using it. We might suggest some changes/ modifications in case something is inaccurate or does not align with the business model.


In case some of your customers opt for subscription option, they will be given proper access to an online portal where they can control all the details of their subscription policy. For instance, the change in frequency can be performed directly through online portal. Also, if a customer wants to cancel or pause the subscription plan, they are allowed to do so using their online account. The cancellation is available after the first delivery of their order.

If you need more details about how our subscription policy works, please contact us and we will explain everything before you opt for the policy.


In case the customers receive damaged products, they reserve the rights to return it back to us. It is customer's responsibility to ship the items back to us properly, and we will examine the products before offering a replacement.

Payment Settlements

We encourage our partners to inform their customers to use a valid and legit credit or debit card to make the payments. We do not allow any kind of fraudulent activity on our website. In case we find that any bogus credit card has been used to make the purchase, we reserve the right to cancel the order. Also, we do not store any kind of financial information on our website. The transactions are handled by secure third parties.

As a partner, you also reserve the rights to terminate the contract at anytime for any reason. You can also send us an email to terminate the agreement. We also reserve the right to terminate the agreements in our own discretion.

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