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International Day of Charity - charity: water

In honor of International Day of Charity, we would like to highlight an organization that we hold very close to our hearts, charity: water.   To those of us that have accessible water, it is easy to take it for granted. We rarely think twice about having enough water to stay hydrated, shower, wash our hands or cook… Yet the reality is that tod...
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Raindrops: What's in your water? Protect your skin and hair from chlorine and heavy metal

¬†we are all generally aware of the strength and benefits of chlorine. When we use it to do laundry, we are careful to only include our white clothes ‚Äď can‚Äôt risk having our favorite top turning into tie dye! And after taking a dip in the swimming pool, we make sure to always wash and rinse in the shower. But did you know that chlorine is used ...
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